We meet clients where they are and walk down the sustainability path with them.

  • Audits prioritize the wisest business opportunities.
  • Experts align your goals with a logical strategic platform.
  • Programs & trainings streamline the tactics.
  • Professional reports illustrate progress and ROI.

Sustainability Strategy

Sustainability Strategy

Your organization may already be working on a sustainability program, or you may be just starting down the conservation path. Assessing all areas of environmental and energy impact allows us to establish business goals with the most significant economic and environmental impact. We then develop a targeted strategy to assure that time is not wasted and efforts are meeting specific ROI’s. Let our Program Managers help you navigate the process.


Rebates and Deductions

Things are changing quickly in the real estate world.  Keep your team on the cutting edge of property management and positioning by educating on the latest trends in sustainability and "going green".  Our training programs and workshops are pre-approved for continuing education credits with numerous real estate professional credentialing organizations such as the Georgia Real Estate Commission and Community Association Institute's CAM

Incite has a large number of trainings available, ranging from negotiating with vendors for the most efficient and cost effective options all the way through sales training for eco-chic baby boomers and millennials.


Energy Star

Energy Star is one of the most widely recognized efficiency and sustainability symbols in the country. This rating system tracks and assesses building energy and water use. From here we build utility reports to help identify unusually high utility usage.

Energy Star benchmarking is also a prerequisite to both Green Globes and LEED certification. The Incite team knows all of the prerequisites and we will build them into your sustainability strategy.


Building and Energy Audits

Audits are conducted by licensed professionals, according to nationally recognized ASHRAE standards. A thorough building audit will establish benchmarks, estimate ROI and uncover key areas for improvement in a building’s “hardware” and “software”. Hardware includes lighting, chillers, HVAC equipment, windows, doors, insulation, plumbing/water fixtures and large energy loads. Software includes plug-loads, operational and maintenance policies.


Building Certifications

With many nationally and internationally recognized building certifications available, you may be uncertain of how they compare. We will help you decide which certification is right for your asset or portfolio: LEED ® Existing Buildings, LEED ® Volume Program for Operations and Maintenance, Green Globes and Green Seal.

Certifying a building signifies that the location is green. However, pursuing these designations can be daunting. The path to certification will be led by teams of accredited professionals using nationally accepted measurement standards. Certification applications are prepared using materials including up to a 500-page technical review. We can guide you through the process.

Green Operations

Green Operations

Our proven sustainability and operation programs produce optimal building performance through lowering life-cycle costs and O&M costs. These programs can be a part of a long-term certification plan, or simply a way to begin the resource management process. Studies have repeatedly shown that behavior changes regarding building operations can save more dollars than many typical energy efficient technologies.